Wired in and hacking markets!

Coders get ‘plugged-in!’ when they are in the zone immersed deep in code and building their cool tech. I’m not a tech entrepreneur, I don’t code and build products. However, like tech entrepreneurs, I can get ‘plugged-in’ too. My hacking doesn’t include JSON or rails, network protocols, bandwidth, restful API’s or UI’s…I’m hacking dollars and markets, needs and wants, tweaking value props and pitches. I QA our message with customers and partners, and potential investors. I’ve heard really good golfers talk about ‘seeing the line’ to sink a long put. They don’t just see it, they feel it and everything else blurs out of their vision. That happens when I see niches in markets, problems that, with the right solution and right sales & marketing mix, can address huge markets. That’s when I am plugged-in, in the zone – I’m grocking the market. (another blog post: grocking the market)

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